Presentation matters

So you took the trackies off, eh? Good start.

Making Your Mark

Batman. Spider-Man. Superman.

No matter who plays them. No matter whether they're comics, cartoons or real life actors, we recognise them as soon as we see them. Even when they change their look entirely, we still know who they are. And it's usually because of that little symbol on their chest. Those symbols have meaning. They convey specific values. They appeal to a specific audience (I'm a Batman guy). And they tell a story.

the owl and the elephant

Your brand is your story. And your logo is the first step in building a brand that makes your business stand out. But to tell your story we need to know what makes your business tick. So we'll take the time to learn about:  

tecla carpet cleaning
  • you - your personality, experience, likes, dislikes and what you care about
  • your business -  what you do, how you do it, how long you've been around, what makes you stand out
  • your clients - who do you attract, who do you want to attract and who really needs you
  • your competitors - what they do well, what they don't, what you admire about them and how you can learn from them

It's painless. I promise. 

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