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A good website focuses on the audience first. Don't ignore them or they will become extinct. Make it easy to find, easy to read and easy to use.

People love websites that have the right balance of form and function - they must be beautifully simple and useful. We personalise Squarespace websites using a unique blend of professional skills.

We combine:

  • graphic and web design
  • technical and system administration
  • user experience (UX)
  • content and marketing.

Your site is an extension of your brand. We like to keep it simple, beautiful and useful.

Our work

Here are some examples of websites we have created. Let us know if you would like to see more.

john wilson homepage.jpg

John Wilson

As a celebrant, John's brand is personal and portrays the vibe and personality he brings to his ceremonies. We concentrated on high impact imagery to show rather than tell.

The widescreen paralax design allows the imagery to influence without interrupting the 'must now' detail in the content. This also suggests a lay-back fluidity as the reader moves through the site. This all contributes to and reflects John's style as a celebrant.

steve rogers homepage.jpg

Steve Rogers Metal Artist

Steve's  home on the Yorke Penisula influences his art. It made sense that his brand and his web site would portray the same highly visual, detailed and masculine tone.

The textural elements dominated in the imagery so we chose a simple, high impact font as a contrast. Content was also minimal to showcase the art - a detailed re-imagining of discarded machinery parts. Steve's website tells the story well.

georgina downey homepage.jpg

Georgina Downey

Georgina is a respected art historian, author and academic. She needed a web presence to promote her as a curator, tutor and academic.

The stereotype of academic did not fit Georgy's personality so we ditched the 'norm' and created a minimalist site that merged photography and pop art. This reflected Georgy's eclectic brand while allowing space for the slightly drier academic evidence  her audience was looking for.