John Wilson

As a celebrant, John's brand is personal and portrays the vibe and personality he brings to his ceremonies. We concentrated on high impact imagery to show rather than tell.

The widescreen parallax design allows the imagery to influence without interrupting the 'must now' detail in the content. This also suggests a lay-back fluidity as the reader moves through the site. This all contributes to and reflects John's style as a celebrant.

John Wilson

John is a civil celebrant. He is his own brand. It's personal and reflects the personality he brings to his ceremonies. 

A widescreen parallax design allowed the imagery to influence and 'show' without interrupting the details of the content. We recognised John may be one of many websites the audience visits in one sitting, or he may have been recommended. Either way, a bridal couple's time if valuable but the decisions cannot be rushed.

The design, image filters and use of space all suggest an eclectic lay-back fluidity allowing the reader moves through the site as they get to know John.