Marketing online: say no to PR Dribble

My son is a great moonwalker. He doesn't get it from me. Going backwards is not my thing. I jig on the spot or dance across the floor on my way to the bar. I'm the same with other things in life. So when social media moved from social everything, I said, "I need a drink!"

Many traditional marketing techniques have a short life online. They work for a while but tend to treat the audience like an idiot...and after a while, your audience notices. So here's to 'out with old and in with the new' in the online marketing world.

What's out – a list of 'I won't'

  • yell 'I am the greatest' and expect my customers to believe it without showing them why
  • hold my knowledge close to keep ahead of the competition
  • push my brand down my audience's throat until they buy or gag
  • make my audience wade through PR dribble before I give them what they need.
  • hide behind a fake persona
  • talk at my audience, but I will talk with them
  • get noticed because I think my audience wants to 'be like me'...Kanye

What's in – a list of 'I will'

  • understand that my customer is in control
  • share and network, no one is my competition
  • make my customer's online task my priority
  • blog with a purpose
  • use images that help my audience understand 
  • be real
  • make social
  • get noticed because I understand what my audience needs

Now for your call to action – likeshare or contact us. And come back for more...please ;)