What does the font say?

Hi. My name is Jay. I'm a typophile

It started a few years ago. At first it was just innocent. Browsing the web, looking for something to fit a new project. Then I stumbled across some free collections that were just beautiful. And I downloaded them. It was a lot. But that was hardly enough. I needed more. So I started buying font packs. I bought books on the history of type. I bought other books just because they had cool lettering. I now have over 5,000 fonts (at last count) on my PC, which is about 4,900 more than any normal person needs. 

So yeah. It's a problem.

And I'll justify it all because every typeface has its own personality: I love that. Sometimes a tiny variation is all I need to get the right feel for something I'm working on. I don't make excuses for my obsession, which is why my collection keeps on growing. 

I know this isn't normal. Most people don't care. Some people pick a font because it's familiar and many work with a very limited collection - which is why I see Arial on every damn thing in existance. But the best thing about typography is that it gives your words life. 

Here, let me show you...


Do the fonts you use send the right message?