The Gang's All here

So we had this idea a while back. A little over five years ago actually. Karen had recently completed her communications degree. I wanted to get stuck into my design work. "We should collaborate!", we thought. We didn't have a plan, but we had an idea and we thought we'd run with it and see what happened. 

Well, cancer happened. And that idea promptly went down the crapper. 


After Karen's recovery we talked about doing something, but we still never had a plan. But while working with her on Vardo over the past few months, we were reminded of how well we work together. So why not combine our powers for the good of humanity?

Through Social Animals, I really want to communicate who I am individually. But I am who I am because I have my family. You can't really separate the two. Everyone plays a part. And we make a damn good team. 

Karen has spent the past few years focusing on digital content and communications, social media and most recently has taken the plunge into blogging. She's a wiz. And the philosophy behind the Social Animals brand goes hand in hand with her ideas about social media and communications; clarity, accessibility, simplicity. 

So now we have a plan and we're ready to go, barring any further life-altering diseases. We'll be updating the site to feature the services Karen has to offer. But, in the meantime, check out the new About page for a sneak peek at what everyone brings to the table.