Jay - Graphic Designer

Skills: branding, design, photography, making guacamole
Likes: music, typography, minimalism, board games, disc golf, pyjama pants, Batman

"I'm a big fan of keeping things simple. It's the way I live and the way I work. It's a cliché , but I believe design is communication. It's not art. It's not just making things pretty. It's solving problems and conveying ideas. Making things pretty is the easy part."


Karen - Content Strategist

Skills: branding, content design and management, social media, cancer survival
Likes: Doris Day, books, teapots 

"I love to 'show' with my words rather than 'tell'.  I'm a big picture gal who works within the details. Being a persnickety grammar nazi who's conscious of user experience (UX), search engine optimisation (SEO) and accessibility means I can make the connections between the words on your webpages and your web presence."


Xavier - Motivator

Skills: gaming, humming, stop motion animation
Likes: superheroes, Ron Swanson, video games

"Everything's pretty good. How much longer is this gonna take? I'm a kid. I don't even have a job."


Rigby - Mascot

Skills: sitting, high fiving, bipedalism
Likes: treats, belly rubs, invading personal space



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