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Social animals spend time in large groups, but they still have to tell the difference between individuals so they can recognise mates, young, leaders and rivals. As the groups get larger, so does the scope of this challenge, and some species meet it by evolving individuality. As groups get bigger, their members become more distinctive.
— Ed Yung, Discover Magazine

When the name fits

Mr Yung summed us up pretty well. A geeky graphic designer who loves data and a dorky editor who wants to help people understand. We are social animals. We change the way we communicate so we can stand out in a crowd but fit within a niche. That's exactly what we do with design. And it’s what we can help you do with your business.


Jay - Graphic Designer

Skills: branding, design, photography, making guacamole
Likes: music, typography, minimalism, board games, disc golf, pyjama pants, Batman

"I'm a big fan of keeping things simple. It's the way I live and the way I work. It's a cliché , but I believe design is communication. It's not art. It's not just making things pretty. It's solving problems and conveying ideas. Making things pretty is the easy part."


Karen - Content designer

Skills: branding, content design and management, social media marketing, cancer survival
Likes: Doris Day, books, teapots 

"I love to 'show' with my words rather than 'tell'.  I'm a big picture gal who works within the details. Being a persnickety grammar nazi who's conscious of user experience (UX), search engine optimisation (SEO) and accessibility means I can make the connections between the words on your webpages and your web presence."


Xavier - Motivator

Skills: gaming, humming, stop motion animation
Likes: superheroes, Ron Swanson, video games

"Everything's pretty good. How much longer is this gonna take?"


Rigby - Mascot

Skills: sitting, high fiving, bipedalism
Likes: treats, belly rubs, invading personal space



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